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Mid Jul 2011 – I first started limping (I was just over 9 years old).  Initially it was thought to be cruciate ligament and then a second opinion diagnosed it as hip dysplasia and put me on Rimadyl and strict rest.

5 Sep 2011 –  My leg was amputated after osteosarcoma was diagnosed on 1st September. I stayed in hospital for 4 nights after the surgery.  I was given morphine for the pain.  I was discharged with Tramadol for the pain.

21 Sep 2011 – Chemo 1

12 Oct 2011 – Chemo 2

2 Nov 2011 – Chemo 3

28 Nov 2011 – Chemo 4

21 Dec 2011 – Chemo 5 (+ Clear xrays! The best Christmas present ever for mum)

19 Jan 2012 – Chemo 6

Chemo was nominally every 3 weeks. I tolerated it quite well, just a bit of lethargy for a few days each time and I did have some nausea, especially in the car.  A couple of treatments were delayed due to slightly low WBC.  The 5th and 6th treatments affected me the most, making me feel even more tired and nauseous.  I also took piroxicam every day.

Early Mar 2012 – I began to have problems with my remaining back leg.  I was given amantadine, paracetamol and codeine for the pain.

20 Mar 2012 – 3 mets were found in my lungs.  I started metronomics with Palladia.  I remained on the piroxicam on the days I didn’t take Palladia.

After 1 month on the Palladia I had GI issues (diarrhoea and not eating). Mum stopped the Palladia.

My back leg continued to deteriorate such that in the last week to 10 days I didn’t want to put any weight on it.

 5 May 2012 – the pain was becoming difficult to control and an xray confirmed that I had lesions on my back right hip. It was highly likely that it was metastasis. Mum was told that I was at risk of a fracture and that the best thing for me was to say goodbye to me in hospital that day and not take me home.  Since she always said she would put my needs first she accepted the vets advice and we said goodbye.

My mum and I got an extra 8 months together after my left back leg was amputated due to osteosarcoma.  We will always be grateful for that extra, precious time together.

Now I’m at Rainbow Bridge helping mum write my memoirs.  Hopefully, with time, I can help mend mum’s broken heart. 

 “Dream as if you’ll live forever.  Live as if you’ll die today.”  ~James Dean



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