Princess Magnum from Rainbow Bridge

Hi, this is Magnum, aka Princess. It has now been five weeks since my spirit was set free.  As much fun as I am having wreaking havoc at Rainbow Bridge I still need to keep one eye on my mum who is doing it tough and still needs me.

Mum wasn’t up to sharing our journey as it happened so my final gift to her is to help her write it now.  It is a story with all the usual suspects –  love, tragedy, heartbreak and hope.  Between us we will try and write a little bit each week and we’ll try to keep it as brief as we can!

When I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma mum discovered Tripawds but she wasn’t ready to face the inevitability of my fate and stayed away from the site.   It was only when the mets started to show themselves that mum knew she could no longer do it alone and came back to Tripawds looking for support and understanding.  She found it in abundance and I am eternally grateful to all those who gave her that much needed support. It made it a little easier for her to say goodbye when the time came.

Mum always wanted to share my story but was scared of tempting fate.   I know she wants to tell the world what a brave and beautiful girl I was (her words, not mine, although I was never known for being modest so I guess they could be my words too! When your mum keeps telling you what a beautiful and good girl you are you start believing it). This is partly to help mum heal and exorcise some demons and partly in the hope that our experiences – feelings, decisions, regrets (mum’s regrets, not mine, us dogs don’t suffer from that affliction) – will help other mums and dads who find their much adored dogs facing this insidious disease.

Mum found an inner strength she didn’t know she had when she allowed my spirit to soar on Saturday 5th May 2012.    She had taken the Monday off work to spend quality time with me but cancer has a way of catching you by surprise, even when you are expecting it. So, instead of the anticipated pleasure of cuddling in the autumn sun mum spent the day in a flood of tears as she commenced work on a tribute for me.  I wanted to comfort her, let her know that I was happy, safe and pain free but she couldn’t hear me.

(Note from mum (Karen) – Below I’ve scanned the card my husband and I sent out to friends one week after Magnum lost her eight month battle with osteosarcoma. She was everything to me and it was (and still is) so hard to believe that I will never again cuddle her warm body, bury my face in her fur, gaze into her adoring eyes or wake up to her kisses.   I still miss her so much.







About princess

Almost 10 year old loyal and courageous rottie! 30 May 2002 to 5 May 2012 Lost her leg to osteosarcoma on 1st Sep 2011 and did 6 rounds of chemo with carboplatin. 3 lung mets found in Mar 2012 and 1 month of Palladia done before it was stopped due to GI issues. But it was metastasis to the back right hip that finally took our little girl on 5th May 2012. She was happy, contented, relaxed and very loved when she peacefully slipped away in her mum's loving arms.
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8 Responses to Princess Magnum from Rainbow Bridge

  1. maximutt says:

    Magnum, you were a very special girl! I look forward to reading more of your memoirs. You were on Tripawds for far too short of a time, and I know you have so much you can teach those who are just beginning this journey. The card your Mum & Dad made at your passing was beautiful.

  2. etgayle says:

    what a beautiful tribute. magnum, your wisdom and love is so evident in your post – keep watching over your mum, and tell all of our tripawds who are now with you at the bridge, we miss them too!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  3. kviz says:

    We are shedding tears as we write…for the loss of your beautiful girl and the beauty of your tribute! We wish you peace. <3

    Pegz and mom (Karen)

  4. trifod2004 says:

    I got tears in my eyes reading this. There is never enough time with our Mum and Dad, is there? You were so loved by them as you know and allowing your legacy to live on to help others is a great gift. Enjoy the bridge, Magnum. You will be so missed.

  5. Oh Princess Magnum, you are so beautiful. The card your mom and dad made for you is so very special. My Abby’s heaven on earth was the beach too. I hope you two are tearing around on a beautiful beach up there together.

    You are a good girl to keep an eye on your mom. Let her know you are ok!
    Thanks for sharing your story and we look forward to hearing more.
    Jackie, angel Abby’s mom

  6. labsrus says:

    What an absolutely beautiful post! And what a beautiful dog you had in your lives for almost 10 years and now she’ll be forever in your hearts.
    May time heal you and my you never forget all of your wonderful memories.

  7. jerry says:

    Thank you so so much for sharing this with us, it was beautiful to get a glimpse of the wonderful life that Magnum had with you. We wish she could have been here on Tripawds for much longer, but are so glad you took the time to share more of her story with us.

    Please, come back anytime and feel free to write about your adventures. It’s therapeutic, and we love hearing about them, since we can all relate to sharing such a special bond.

    May she run free and guide you on your earthly journey forever. xoxo

  8. princess says:

    Everyone, thank you for letting me share Magnum’s story and for your warm words of support. It is because I know that you will understand and appreciate the love Magnum and I shared that I feel compelled to share her story. And if sharing our cancer journey can make a difference to even one pup it will have been worth it.

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