Barney meets the natives down under

We couldn’t let Barney leave Australia without meeting some of the natives up close and personal.  Unfortunately Ruby wasn’t allowed to escort Barney on this trip but, as a spirit dog, I was able to tag along unchallenged.

Mum and my step dad explained to Barney that Australian animals are VERY dangerous and he was not to try and enter their enclosures.  But….. in typical Barney fashion, he tried to scale the fence at the very first stop at a wallaby enclosure!

Barney thought about jumping the fence again a little later but when this wallaby gave him the evil eye he changed his mind and was quickly out of there!

Barney’s confidence was a little shaken after his near miss and for a while he did as he was told and didn’t try any more tricks to get closer to the animals.

The Little Penguins


A Southern Cassowary

This emu was making Barney just a little bit nervous


Ruby’s ancestor, the dingo. Hard to believe she has some of this fierce creature in her!

After seeing the dingoes we then saw this…….  It had Barney (and me and mum and my step dad) do a double take.   A peacock preening to a herd of sheep ????  Not something we expected to see.  Don’t know what to say about that.  We just quickly moved on…..

Barney isn’t one to stay meek for too long so it wasn’t long before his confidence had returned and he was trying his charms on an unsuspecting koala who was free to roam amongst the visitors.  I had to control my laughter as I watched her completely ignore the stupid dinosaur.  He wasn’t going to get anywhere with her.

While mum and my step dad were making their apologies to the koala Barney took the opportunity to sneak off.  By the time mum and dad realized he wasn’t with them it was too late to stop him from scaling the fence and jumping into the enclosure with the kangaroos!!!  I sat back and calmly waited for them to tear him to pieces.


Initially Barney and the kangaroos seemed to be getting along OK. They were curious about this strange purple creature. He looked so different to anything they had seen before and he smelled different too. In fact, it looked like Barney had finally found some animals he could charm.

But then Barney started mouthing off in his usual arrogant manner and the mood changed…….


I was cheering the kangaroo on, it looked like Barney was finally going to meet his Waterloo…….. but my step dad (who always hated it when I tore up my toys) stepped in and saved the dinosaur from certain death.  He’s such a spoil sport.  There would have been cheers across the Tripawd nation.  Sorry everyone, we almost had him!


I hadn’t intended on having a part 3 but…….. as you know …….  I can go on and on and on ……..  but it’s not my fault.  Those blasted life savers saved Barney from drowning and now my step dad has saved him from being eaten up by a kangaroo.  I’m going to go for third time lucky and see if I can kill him off good and proper. So, stay tuned for the third, and I promise, last, chapter of Barney’s visit down under. I promise to write again in the next few days because Ruby has had just about enough of this attention seeking dinosaur and is begging mum and dad to send him on his way.

But…….. I won’t promise just how much of Barney will be left to send onto his next destination!!!!!


Love Spirit Magnum

About princess

Almost 10 year old loyal and courageous rottie! 30 May 2002 to 5 May 2012 Lost her leg to osteosarcoma on 1st Sep 2011 and did 6 rounds of chemo with carboplatin. 3 lung mets found in Mar 2012 and 1 month of Palladia done before it was stopped due to GI issues. But it was metastasis to the back right hip that finally took our little girl on 5th May 2012. She was happy, contented, relaxed and very loved when she peacefully slipped away in her mum's loving arms.
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2 Responses to Barney meets the natives down under

  1. Hehehehehehe. Great pics and you are a great narrator, Spirit Princess Magnum!

    My favorite pics are the wallaby giving him the evil eye, the koala ignoring him, and the dingo that looks like he’s stalking him! Would sure love to see that dingo have a go at him!

    Can’t wait for part 3.
    Jackie, Angel Abby & MBBunny Rita

  2. jerry says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Wow Barney you are going to have some really great stank on you now! OMD these photos are priceless, I can’t even tell you how much they make us hoppy to see you almost DESTROYED by these amazing critters!

    Princess Magnum, I agree, you are really a great storyteller.

    I’m waiting for Part 3 too! Can’t wait to see what that little booger has been up to.

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